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COVID-19 Vaccine-the India may get more than 1 by early next year- Health Minister gives update

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the country may get the vaccine against Covid-19 early next year.

There has been good news associated with preventing the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic. Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the country may get the vaccine against Covid-19 early next year. He said on Tuesday (October 13, 2020) that India could get vaccines from more than one source.

During the Group of Ministers’ meeting, the Union Minister said, “We are hopeful that by early 2021, the country will get the vaccine from more than one source. Our experts are preparing a strategy for planning how to start the delivery of vaccines in the country. We are definitely strengthening cold chain facilities. Presently, four pre-clinical trials of four corona virus vaccines in India are in advanced stage.

Harsh Vardhan had earlier said on Sunday that a Covid-19 vaccine was likely to be available by the first quarter of 2021. He said that given the large population of India, a vaccine or a vaccine manufacturer cannot meet the vaccine requirements of the entire country. We are therefore free to assess the feasibility of introducing several COVID-19 vaccines into the country according to their availability for the Indian population.

Here, a new study involving Covid found that a person’s age cannot be determined by how much he is likely to be infected with SARS-COV-2, which is responsible for Covid-19, but the development of his symptoms, illness The intensity and mortality rate is very much dependent on age. Studies have shown that elderly people develop more severe symptoms of Covid-19 and have higher mortality. Scientists used available data from Japan, Spain, and Italy for this and showed that the likelihood of suffering from Covid-19 has nothing to do with age while symptoms, intensity and mortality of Covid-19 depend on age.

On the other hand, a major relief for newly infected mothers of corona virus is that if they take basic precautions to prevent the spread of the infection, then their infants are at an extremely low risk of becoming infected. It has been claimed in a study. It says that by taking necessary precautions, infected women can also breastfeed their babies without any fear.

The study, published in the journal ‘JAMA Pediatrics’, included 101 newborns of infected women born in the period from March 13, 2020 to April 24, 2020 at the ‘New York Presbyterian Hospital’ in the US. (Agency input)

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