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Coronavirus update: more than 83 lakh infected with COVID-19 worldwide, 4.48 lakh people died due to this epidemic

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of Xovid-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 83 million. At the same time, the number of deaths due to this is more than 448,000.

Total cases of Covid-19 increased to 8,329,221 as of Thursday morning, while the number of people who died from it increased to 448,474. This was revealed by the University Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) in its new update.

According to CSSE, the US tops the list of the world’s most Covid-19 infection-affected countries with 2,162,851 cases and 117,713 deaths. In terms of the same cases, Brazil stands second with 955377 cases. There have been 46,510 deaths due to infection here.

According to CSSE data, it was followed by Russia (552,549), India (354,065), UK (300,717), Spain (244,683), Peru (240,908), Italy (237,828), Chile (220,628), Iran (195,051), France ( 194,805), Germany (188,604), Turkey (182,727), Mexico (159,793), Pakistan (154,760), Saudi Arabia (141,234) and Canada (101,491). Other countries with more than 10,000 deaths include Britain (42,238), Italy (34,448), France (29,578), Spain (27,136), Mexico (19,080) and India (11,903).

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