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Corona was made infectious to spread rapidly in humans, claims of this report are in favor of lab leak theory

Was the origin of COVID-19 natural or was it created in a lab? There are still different opinions among scientists about this. Scientists believe that if there is no evidence of its preparation in the lab, then the facts of its natural origin have not been confirmed yet. Meanwhile, a research report published in Nature has expressed apprehensions that the virus may have been specially designed to spread rapidly in humans.

This report states that Kovid-19 has many unusual properties. It has a feature of genetic sequence signaling that raises the possibility of it being man-made. In this, proteins can be directed within the cell. Whereas the proteins usually found in this type of virus do not have sequence signals.

The report has expressed apprehension that it seems to have been prepared in such a way that it spreads rapidly from person to person. In addition to the sequence signal, the furin cleavage site of the virus also appears to be man-made. According to California-based virologist Christian Andersen, the furin cleavage site is a property that has been thought to be responsible for the entry of the virus into human cells. The furin site is in the spike protein of COVID-19.

Although scientists say that this site has been seen in the corona virus before, but in Kovid-19 all those features are appearing together which make it more contagious. It can’t just be a coincidence. Many combinations in the nucleotides of the virus also indicate this.

No evidence of natural spread:

On the other hand, there is still no evidence of the virus being natural. The genome of the virus is found to be 96 percent of the horseshoe species. But if it has come to humans from glitter, then it should be found more. Therefore, scientists who consider it natural, claim that it first passed from bats to some other animal and from there to humans. So far, the genome of 80 thousand suspected animals has been examined, but it is not known who that animal is. However, finding this out is a very time-consuming task. But until it is not known, its natural origin cannot be accepted.


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