“Connoisseurs of perversions”: Zakharova ridiculed the EC for the idea to fight the drought with wastewater treatment

Maksim Konstantinov/Global Look Press
Maksim Konstantinov/Global Look Press

The leadership of the European Commission came up with an initiative to reuse water from urban wastewater treatment plants. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, appreciated this proposal in her Telegram channel.

The European Commission launched the initiative as a measure to combat drought. According to Zakharova, the use of water processed in this way is “a new height for connoisseurs of perversion.” The diplomat noted that if the inhabitants of Europe do not understand “which of the 80 genders they are currently in,” then water from a hoof is “just right” for them.

“I wonder when Europe will wake up from the tetanus in which the Anglo-Saxon duet plunged it? So much effort to spend on creating dummies of windmills, so that later, in the best traditions of the heroes of Cervantes, to fight them, not noticing the real problems. Spend everything you have on maintaining the fire of the conflict on your own Continent, ”added Zakharova.

Earlier, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted to the decision of the Latvian authorities to recognize Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” According to Zakharova, local ideologists are “nothing but neo-Nazis.”


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