congress leader priyanka gandhi questioning on fir against her


    Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has raised questions on her arrest. It is said that a total of 11 people have been booked by the police, in which two had brought clothes for me, while 8 were not present at that time.

    Priyanka Gandhi said that I came to know about my arrest through newspapers. Said, “This information was given to me orally by the officer who arrested me, DCP Piyush Kumar Singh, CO City, Sitapur. I have been arrested on October 4 at 4.30 am under section 151. The time I was arrested , I was at the guest house in Sitapur district, which is about 20 kms from Lakhimpur Kheri.”

    Priyanka Gandhi said “To my knowledge section 144 was not imposed in Sitapur. Anyway I was traveling in the same vehicle with four other persons, two local Congress workers, MPs Deepinder Hooda and Sandeep Singh. Driving with me There was no security vehicle or Congress workers with me except four people. Then I was taken to PAC campus Sitapur along with 2 female and 2 male constables. After being brought to PAC premises till now I have been taken by UP police or administration on behalf of me. But the sections under which the allegations have been made were not even told.”

    Priyanka Gandhi said that till now the copy of the case has not been shown to me by the police or the administration. Of the 11 people against whom the case has been registered, 8 were not present on the spot, while 2 had brought clothes for me. Priyanka questioned that I have not been produced before any magistrate or any other judicial officer yet.



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