Congress began to accept bets on Trump’s victory in future elections

US Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has staked $20 on Donald Trump’s victory in the 2024 presidential election. About it today, March 21 informs Politico edition.

The senator is confident in the new victory of the former head of the White House, as he said in an interview Al Franken on The Daily Show.

Graham analyzed Trump’s policies, after which he was imbued with sincere sympathy for the latter. But now, the senator believes, in order for the former president to return to office, he will have to try to regain the trust of ordinary Americans, whom he will eventually lead.

“This will be both a challenge for Trump and for Biden, who is trying to beg for another four years in power. We’ll see what happens.” he added.

Al Franken, on the contrary, is confident in Biden’s victory and will now compete with Lindsey Graham for the Top 20.

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