computer baba hurt after his car hit by trolley at Indore highway


    Today, on the Indore-Ichhapur highway of Madhya Pradesh, in the afternoon, a trolley hit Computer Baba’s car from the front. Computer Baba narrowly escaped in the accident, but his driver was injured. Computer Baba has alleged that it was not an accident but a conspiracy to kill me. He has demanded an inquiry from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in this matter.

    It is being told that Computer Baba was going to attend the meeting of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath in Dhulkot village of Burhanupar district along with saints.

    According to Baba, there were five sages and saints with him in the car. There was also a car behind the car. His car was hit by a trolley coming from the front near Jhiri village. After the accident, a crowd gathered on the highway. Due to panic, Computer Baba’s BP increased and he lay down on the road.

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    It is being told that one wheel of the trolley was punctured, due to which the computer coming from the front collided with Baba’s car. The front part of the car was completely damaged in the accident. Also Baba’s driver got injured. He has been admitted to the hospital.

    Now in this whole episode, former state minister Computer Baba says, “I am finding a conspiracy in this. A conspiracy has been hatched to kill me. I want Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to get this matter investigated. Whoever is guilty in this.” They should be punished. Other people in the car have also been hurt.”


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