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Complaints about teaching children a suicide strategy against YouTube


Complaints about teaching children a suicide strategy against YouTube: A woman from Florida, USA, has alleged that a video created for children is being taught the techniques of suicide in YouTube children.

The woman named Free Hesse said that a character in a cartoon show promoted by Google Kids under Google shows how they can detach the wrist from their hands.

The person’s character shows his own wrist and shows how it can be isolated. Free Hess complained that although the video was about to be removed, it still kept it in the middle of the cartoon show.

In his own blog Pedami, he said that although there was a lot of criticism about this harmful issue, YouTube did not do it. It is a big problem to express harmful and self-motivated videos, pictures and other pieces. Our children are facing these issues today.

The woman said with the example of more videos, one has shown that a young woman commits suicide after severing the love relationship. In another, it is being shown how a young woman has hanged, describing it with a graphic.

Free Hess said, the second major reason behind the death of 10 to 34 years is that suicide rates are increasing and children are increasingly showing these strategies.

He also said, we have to do something now. We have to be aware of ourselves, to make the children aware and to talk about it whenever we see something harmful.

Many women talk about this matter, Daily Mirror reported in a report.

In this regard, YouTube Kids wrote on their page, following a few steps to keep videos suitable for the family. We give importance to the audience’s feedback and evaluation.

They said, we have made YouTube Kids to highlight the world safely and simply for children online.

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