Committee of Inquiry on the storming of the Capitol approved the prosecution of ex-Trump adviser

The US House of Representatives committee investigating the circumstances of the storming of the Capitol building voted to bring former adviser to ex-US President Donald Trump Steve Bannon to justice for contempt of Congress, reports Associated Press… The reason was the refusal of Mr. Bannon to testify before the committee, which he justified by the uncertainty about the possibility of Mr. Trump to use the so-called “performer of power” privilege.

Committee chairman Benny Thompson said Mr. Bannon “demonstrates complete loyalty to the former president” and “wishes to be a martyr for the dishonorable whitewashing of what happened on January 6th.” He called the results of the vote a warning to other witnesses who must appear before the committee. The final decision on prosecution will be made by the entire House of Representatives, followed by the US Department of Justice.

The legal doctrine Mr. Bannon spoke about protects the confidentiality of communications between White House employees. The day before, Donald Trump referred to her in a lawsuit against the committee. He argued that the committee’s request had nothing to do with legitimate legislative goals. Former US President Joe Biden instructed the US National Archives and Records Administration to transfer materials related to the presidency of Mr. Trump to the committee.

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