Comedian-millionaire Revva acquired luxury real estate in Russia and a bunch of debts

Actor, singer and comedian Alexander Revva, also known under the stage name Arthur Pirozhkov, became a real millionaire in Russia. However, as it became known to Life, an artist with Ukrainian citizenship has not only an impressive list of expensive real estate, but also a lot of unpaid debts.

In particular, a native of Donetsk was registered in a three-ruble note in the residential complex “Krylatskie Ogni” in the west of Moscow, which is estimated at about 57 million rubles. The family also earned income from a four-room apartment at this address, which they rented out for 180,000 rubles a month. Its price is 60-70 million rubles.

The artist’s wife Anzhelika boasts a Bentley Continental car worth about 40 million rubles and a two-story mansion in the Pavlovo-2 elite cottage village near Moscow. The exact price of such a luxurious house is unknown, but a similar one is being sold for a quarter of a billion rubles. Another interesting object is a 250-square-meter penthouse on the 57th floor of one of the Neva Towers in Moscow City. It is estimated at about 170 million rubles, and the rent will cost 750 thousand per month.

In addition to luxury real estate in Russia, the Revva family acquired apartments in the fashionable high-rise Address Beach Residences in Dubai, the price of which is about 40-50 million rubles. Despite such a serious list of expensive objects, the couple also have debts. For example, the comedian’s wife does not intend to pay utility bills, parking in the center of the capital, and also has outstanding fines for parking in the wrong place. Eight times the case went to court, the fines were doubled, but they have not been paid to this day.

You can read about the problems plaguing Revva in Russia and his declining earnings in the Life material. We also found out if the comedian visits his father and mother, who live in Donetsk and Sochi.


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