Color theory à la Lauterbach – how the minister forces the social division


by Bernhard Loyen

Is there an increase in the emotional state of disbelief? Many people in the country are very critical of the opinions expressed by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, which are now being formulated almost every day. Very often these only cause speechlessness. Many citizens are wondering why Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not have the power to speak to this important minister (actor). Why none of the political colleagues emphatically and credibly hit the table and demanded the sorely missed but necessary professionalism. And the final major irritation continues to be why did Dr. Karl Lauterbach this completely absurd fool’s freedom in his existence, in his statements, in his political activities?

So far it has been a very insightful week for the people who regularly follow Lauterbach through his personal passion, the well-maintained and stocked Twitter channel. On August 9, the minister again shared the infamous Lauterbach logic with his followers. In the minister’s perception, some federal states actually dare to plan that by the end of the year a “freshly vaccinated person can sit in the catering trade without a mask”, i.e. be allowed to make their own personal decisions. The concept of personal responsibility no longer seems to exist for the minister. What the country needs to implement at the end of the year is the felt knowledge transfer of a Karl Lauterbach. That is why the disciplinary addition is made in the Twitter post:

“Too uncertain, bad control. Criticism is wrong. It’s safer to have a vaccinated person sitting at the table than an unvaccinated person.”

Very often, one sentence, one thought, is not enough for the 24-hour minister. The Twitter post from August 9th will be continued. Lauterbach, although vaccinated four times and additionally treated with the Pfizer product Paxlovid, has been tested positive for Corona. He therefore announced personally on August 5:

“Unfortunately, despite taking great care, I fell ill with Corona. Despite the 4th vaccination. The symptoms are still mild. I take Paxlovid to avoid complications.”

The package insert states: “Paxlovid is used to treat coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in adults who do not require supplemental oxygen and are at increased risk of developing severe COVID-19.” Was Lauterbach worried about a difficult course? He tested himself every day. Why is this known? He published a photo of it, of course on Twitter, with the explanation of his personal disappointment at having supposedly done everything right and the additional bonus tick for renewed pharmaceutical product advertising. Lauterbach wrote on November 9:

“The last 4 days. Slowly improving. But COVID is no small thing. Despite 4 vaccinations and Paxlovid, I had worse symptoms than expected. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope the recovery is complete soon.”

So hope will continue to die last in 2022, even for people with four vaccinations and additional medication. A good six hours later came the longer Twitter post on the subject of using restaurants in the winter months. It will be revealing. Lauterbach supplements the warning regarding poor control mechanisms with the announcement:

“The fact that ‘freshly vaccinated’ cannot be checked is also wrong, a different color of the certificate is provided on the CWA (Corona-Warn-App). Easier than 2G+ used to be (…)”

Intended? If you enter the words “colour of the certificate” on the Corona-Warn-App website, zero hits are displayed. Are these purely personal plans of the minister, which are once again finding their way into the public eye purely on Twitter? Does Lauterbach prefer control mechanisms based on the Chinese model? the New York Times already informed in 2020 in an article about the realities and irritations of digital society mechanisms:

“People in China sign up through Ant’s popular wallet app, Alipay, and receive a color code — green, yellow, or red — that indicates their health status. The system is already operational in 200 cities and rolling out nationwide.

Neither the company nor the Chinese authorities have explained in detail how the system classifies people. This has created fear and confusion among those who are being asked to isolate and don’t know why.”

The longer Twitter post goes on to say: “If vaccines that protect against infection are available in autumn, they should also be of benefit to those who have been vaccinated. You cannot do without a mask indoors in autumn. An exception would be justifiable for those who have just been vaccinated. ” ‘Mask exemption’ justifiable at Minister’s clemency? bewilderment. Again, the word personal responsibility seems to have no value in the world of Karl Lauterbach. Vaccinations are supposed to “provide an advantage”, meaning unvaccinated citizens have disadvantages. Returning to the chaos of the past years of measures.

So vaccinations are again the theoretical savior of the hour, with the knowledge (!) that all theoretical announcements on this topic since 2020 have only (very) partially arrived?

Karl Lauterbach will leave his Berlin domicile on the evening of August 9th, between his Twitter activities ZDF tuned in for an interview. The adapted vaccines are not supposed to be on the market from autumn. However, the minister already knows about the possible effectiveness:

“The data indicate (…) that the probability that the vaccines (…) will come will also protect against infection. I don’t think they will protect perfectly, but they are significantly better than the current vaccine (…) Then it will be the case again that you can be reasonably sure of the infection.”

“I don’t think they will protect perfectly” and “can be reasonably safe from infection”, two simply disastrous announcements by the unofficial pharmaceutical representative of the companies BioNTech and Moderna. Lauterbach repeats the demonstrable lie that he recently advised anyone under 60 to have a fourth vaccination before the fall. The minister had in one mirror-Interview literally expressed his personal recommendation, as the responsible Federal Minister of Health, “in consultation with the family doctor” at the present time, if necessary, to be vaccinated a fourth time. So he said literally: “Then I would of course consult with the family doctor. I would also recommend the vaccination to younger people”. Quibbles or ambiguous but clear formulations? In Lauterbach’s perception, the reasons for social insecurity are of course not found in him, but in others. That’s how he explains it ZDF-Viewers:

“Well I think (sic!)there’s also a lot of confusion being created right now by people who want to create confusion.”

People? Does the minister speak of scientific and political colleagues with a contrary opinion in assessing the overall situation in the country? The FFP2 mask is a matter of course for Lauterbach in autumn, of course only if there are corresponding decisions by state politics, when staying in the catering trade or in cultural institutions. The moderator Marietta Slomka described the planned three-month rule for vaccinated people from October and foreseeable difficulties with the control mechanisms as “holey cheese”. Also the ZDFThe minister then presented viewers with his ideas about the social division using a colored digital marking. Lauterbach literally:

“It is planned that the certificate on the Corona-Warn-App will simply have a different color as long as the three months have not yet passed. The normal vaccination certificate, which appears blue, would then possibly appear in green, so that when you go in everyone sees immediately, aha, that’s a fresh certificate.”

Aha? Lauterbach described his plans as “simple criteria”. And if “the normal vaccination certificate” is blue or even stays blue due to the decision of the owner, then in the future it will be – entry prohibited. Should a citizen not have a Corona warning app or even refuse it – access prohibited? Can one call this social division after arbitrary exclusion? Lauterbach shared that on August 3rd ARD viewers his thoughts on the youngest plans With:

I’m just very satisfied with the result (…) that there is always a mask requirement in the publicly accessible interiors. That there are exceptions in bars and restaurants that you can be newly vaccinated or recovered – this is an incentive for vaccination.

So is it just about the “incentive to get vaccinated” after all? One related forum answer the written one followed on August 8th threat of the apparently thin-skinned ailing Minister, in the original spelling, in the evening at 9:23 p.m.:

“Do you seriously believe that people get vaccinated every 3 months in order to be able to go to a restaurant without a mask?????? If we saw that really often, we would change the rule, close the exception. General mask requirement in the Interior or test would then be the consequence.”

“Changing the rules”, “closing an exception”, consequences for the people? What is the Federal Minister of Health talking about? Of absolutely arbitrary power of disposal over the citizens of the country? Finally, a prime example of the questionable world of thought of the Federal Minister of Health. A Bavarian doctor learns the court verdict, two years without probation plus a fine, because of the issuance of so-called mask certificates. The former CSU MPs Alfred Sauter and Georg Nüßlein are allowed to keep their high commissions (1.24 million euros and 660,000 euros) for the procurement of protective masks at the beginning of the corona pandemic. So far, Lauterbach has only commented on the first event, about one Twitter post during his sick leave:

“A harsh judgement, but fair. The small effort of wearing a mask indoors can save so many people’s lives. Or protect them from chronic illness. Good doctors know this and protect their patients.”

Is there an increase in the emotional state of disbelief? Incidentally, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) refused to provide information when a journalist asked when Lauterbach was vaccinated for the fourth time. A spokesman wrote to the questioner: “Please understand that we cannot go into details on medical matters.” Look there. Is there an increase…

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