Colonel McGregor: US for 10 years turned Ukraine against Russia

Alexander Farnsworth/picture alliance/Globalookpress
Alexander Farnsworth/picture alliance/Globalookpress

The situation around Ukraine has escalated as the United States has been feeding Kyiv with weapons and inciting against Russia for ten years. This opinion was expressed by the former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense, Colonel Douglas McGregor.

The Colonel gave an interview to the Judging Freedom YouTube channel. According to him, Washington began to provide weapons to Kyiv in 2012. The main goal of the United States was to create a threat to Moscow. In addition, for many years there have been calls for the need to harm Russia.

“I think Washington is surprised. I don’t know why, but they are surprised that everything turned out the way it did,” the colonel said.

Earlier, the head of the US Strategic Command, Charles Richard, called the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine unacceptable. According to him, such a development of the situation will entail serious consequences for the whole world.


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