Coach Shakula explained how to lose extra pounds after the holidays

Eduard Shakula, trainer and manager of the Pride Fitness network of fitness clubs, in an interview with explainedhow to lose extra pounds after vacation. He noted that for one and a half to two weeks of sedentary rest in the all inclusive format, you can easily recover by 3-4 kilograms. And the expert advises to start getting rid of them with regular cardio loading.

“One or two times a week, actively walk on a treadmill or on an ellipse for 40-60 minutes or 30-40 minutes after each strength training session. Cardio will help not only increase calorie consumption, but also accelerate metabolism,” Shakula noted.

Due to the large amount of junk food during the holidays, the metabolic rate slows down, which contributes to weight gain, the expert explained. To combat extra pounds, the trainer also advised doing squats: four sets of 10-15 repetitions. Lymphatic drainage jumps in the morning will also be effective, 100 times will be enough, Shakula concluded.

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