Coach Miodrag Bozovic accused RPL refereeing of venality


Yugoslav coach Miodrag Bozovic criticized the refereeing of the Russian Premier League. In his opinion, it is of poor quality and interferes with Russian players.

RPL referees often make a lot of mistakes, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. This is one of the reasons why Russian clubs and players rarely succeed outside their homeland, leads Bozovic’s words Sport24.

He noted that recently Russian referees have been deliberately making mistakes during matches with one of the RPL clubs, but he did not disclose the name of the team.

Earlier it was reported that the former player of “Zenith” Igor Denisov urged Russian clubs and their sponsors to pay attention to the need to develop children’s and youth football in Russia. According to Denisov, clubs prefer foreign legionnaires instead of Russian players with potential.


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