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CNN: US intelligence gave Ukraine information about the Moskva cruiser


The United States provided Ukraine with intelligence about the location of the Russian cruiser Moskva, which sank in the Black Sea in mid-April. This was reported by the American television channel CNN.

“Ukrainian forces, noticing a Russian warship in the Black Sea, called their American contacts to confirm that it was indeed the Moskva. The United States responded in the affirmative and provided intelligence on his whereabouts, ”CNN reports, citing sources.

The US is sending data to keep Ukraine aware of the threat in the Black Sea. America also provided the Ukrainian military with information about the movements of the Russian army inside Ukraine, including intercepted messages about Russian military plans.

American intelligence does not report everything to Kyiv. Potential targets within Russia itself have not been reported, and the United States is not yet telling Ukraine about the whereabouts of specific Russian military leaders, the Pentagon said, RT reports.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Moskva cruiser sank while being towed in a storm. The ship’s hull was damaged due to a fire from the detonation of ammunition, writes Utro.ru.

The crew was evacuated and taken to Sevastopol. During the incident, one person died, another 27 servicemen were missing, the remaining 396 crew members were evacuated, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. Russia has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine since February 24. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the goals are demilitarization and denazification.

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