On the ninth date of Shardiya Navratri, Chief Minister and Gorakshapeethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath performed traditional girl worship with full rituals in the newly constructed food area (building) of Gorakhnath temple. He first offered prayers to nine girls and one Batuk Bhairav, symbolizing the nine forms of Mother Bhagwati, after that, after feeding them with his own hands, bid farewell to them with dakshina. During this, other girls who reached the temple were also given food and farewell with the same devotion. On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that the worship of mother power is the culture of our country. That is why on the ninth day of Navratri, there is a law to worship the girl.

The time of Kanya Puja was fixed at 12 noon, so the girls invited by the temple reached the place of worship before the scheduled time. The worship process started with the arrival of the Chief Minister. First of all, he raised nine girls and one Batuk Bhairav ​​in Thar in turn and raised their feet. After that, after applying tika, chunari draped and aarti was done. After the worship, the program of Kanya Bhoj started.

The Chief Minister went to all the girls one by one and served food on their plate with his own hands and fed them after asking. During this, he also kept on nurturing the children. After the meal, the Chief Minister sent off all the girls with respect by giving dakshina from his hand. The children were happy after worshiping the Chief Minister. Some even reacted. Said, Yogi Baba is very good.

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