Clown Zelensky will come to the G20 summit for a demarche in front of Putin – expert

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will try to attend the summit in Indonesia only for the sake of some clowning in front of Vladimir Putin. So says the historian and political scientist Sergei Alekseev, whose opinion publishes Pravda.Ru.

“Both leaders will most likely not even be allowed to meet, albeit virtually, via video link, since there is a protocol and the meeting involves certain steps and actions on the part of each of the countries, not to mention the coordination and preparation of such a meeting,” Alekseev explained.

The expert also added that Zelensky may try to make various demarches. For example, arriving in an embroidered shirt that has been shot through, “chasing after Putin”, may try to express insults or demands, chant some kind of slogan, or leave at the moment of Putin’s conversation with the G20 leaders.

“In a word, “turn on the clown” and “show the circus, a kind of “Kvartal-95”, against the backdrop of serious guys in business suits, some of whom command nuclear weapons. Putin will not communicate with him,” the expert said.

Formerly adviser to the head of Zelensky’s office Mikhail Podolyak confirmed the intentions of his boss:

“If Putin is present, then, of course, it will be necessary to think about the need for our presence.”

According to him, Zelensky is ready to go to the G20 summit, where Ukraine is not even included, for the sake of a personal meeting with the Russian president. Podolyak stressed that Putin’s appearance at a meeting of any format “indirectly means that its organizers legitimize Russia’s actions against Ukraine.”

As reported EADaily , Indonesia did not go along with Kyiv and sent an invitation to Vladimir Putin, however, as a compromise, agreed to invite Zelensky there, although Ukraine is not included in the G20. The format of the meeting is still being specified.

Why Zelensky needs a meeting with Putin, except for clowning, is unknown – Kyiv is constantly exaggerating the idea that negotiations with Russia are possible only after the defeat of the Russian army and the return of Crimea and Donbass.

The Network has already suggested that at the summit Zelensky “will be the last in line for negotiations with Russia, as was the case with the United States with Lavrov“. And they doubted that “catching Putin by the button” is a good idea in principle. In general, everyone is perplexed about what economically half-dead Ukraine will do at the G20 summit.

Political lack of independence of Zelensky is obvious, so if there are negotiations “about Ukraine”, then they should take place with representatives of the United States, users of social networks believe.

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