Climatologist Rybalchenko: thawing swamps can become a “point of no return” for the planet

Climatologist Ilya Rybalchenko commented on the impact of thawing swamps on the future of the Earth. According to the scientist, this process can become a “point of no return”, reports “Evening Moscow”.

The environmentalist is convinced that its consequences are worse than the melting of the Arctic ice. As the temperature of the swamp rises, more methane and greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere, which, in turn, will increase the temperature of the planet as a whole.

“Together, these processes negatively affect the World Ocean and plankton. This increases the risks associated with global warming, which can damage the Earth, ”the expert explained.

Rybalchenko did not rule out that at a certain stage the planet itself would be able to balance these processes. Speaking about the shallowing of the Earth’s snow cover, which people are now observing, the climatologist added that this is just a cyclical stage that repeats every 200–400 years.


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