Clearfield man jailed after allegedly killing grandparents

Emergency Responders located a violent scene Wednesday after a Clearfield Their grandson allegedly killed the couple.

Suspect Jeremy Belt26-year old, was booked into Davis County Just after 1 a.m., you can be in jail Thanksgiving morning.

Police Numerous agencies were sent to a nearby house. Steed Park A 60-yearold woman discovered her father, aged 87, and mother, 85, dead in her garage at around 3 p.m. She Officers were told that her son was still at home and likely responsible. Responders reported “traumatic injuries” To the elderly couple who were “beyond help,” According to a press release from Clearfield City Police Department.

After Police surrounded the house. Belt According to some, he called his mother. She An officer took the phone and coaxed it. Belt To exit. Belt According to the news release, he was taken into custody without any incident.

Officers Found “other acts of violence” Earlier in the day, after having investigated the scene, but he did not give any details. They Encourage witnesses to contact police at 801-5225-2800.

An Shows the inmate roster Belt He was charged with aggravated murder and assault, transaction with a dangerous weapon, possession, use, or possession drug paraphernalia, criminal mischief, and possession of controlled substances.

Police In the meantime, they did not name the victims in order to notify their families.

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