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City Hall advises citizens to save on bus fares


Residents of Kurgan can save on bus fares by purchasing special discount cards from carriers. This was reported by the press service of the city administration of the regional center.

Recall that the fare in the mound is 30 rubles. With discount cards, the cost of a trip is from 20 to 24 rubles.

Pensioners and schoolchildren of the Kurgan can use the Pension and School tariff plans, the cost of which is 1,110 rubles. The pass is valid for 50 trips within 50 days. The fare for such a card is 22 rubles 20 kopecks. Any passenger can buy a pass, and the right to travel on it is granted only upon presentation of a pension certificate or a student certificate.

The Grasshopper card is valid on routes No. 12,13,31,301, 308, 311, 312, 318, 341, 353, 388, 391. The most favorable fare on the Grasshopper card is called Long 2022. It is designed for 100 trips within 90 days. Price…


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