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Citizens of Turkmenistan, fearing fines, continue to wear masks despite their cancellation


In the Turkmen capital, police are urging citizens to take off their masks on the streets through loudspeakers. This was reported today, June 14, by the Fergana News Agency with reference to the Chronicle of Turkmenistan.

According to the agency, despite the abolition of the mask regime on the street, the citizens of Turkmenistan, fearing fines, continue to wear them. And to clarify the rules for wearing medical masks – namely, that they should now be worn only in public transport and indoors – the police were involved. According to the publication, law enforcement officers explain to residents the rules for wearing masks through loudspeakers.

People are no longer fined for not wearing masks on the streets. Previously, the amount of penalties was 50 manats ($14).

At the same time, bus and taxi drivers continue to work in masks. However, Turkmen.news, citing sources, reported that in the city of Turkmenbashi, police stopped cars in which the driver or his passengers were wearing masks and forced them to take off.

The confusion with masks began in Turkmenistan on June 1, when their mandatory outdoor wearing was cancelled. However, citizens were not informed about this properly. Apparently, the problem became known to the President Serdar Berdimuhamedovwho at a meeting on June 11 demanded “to explain to the population through the media – newspapers and television – when and where it is necessary to wear a medical mask, and in which places it can be removed.”

At the same time, the president stressed that with the improvement of the situation in the world related to the coronovirus, it is necessary to continue organizing international exhibitions in Turkmenistan and return to the issue of opening shopping centers abroad.

The official reason for the introduction of the mask regime in the country in 2020, the authorities called the presence of dust particles in the air dangerous for the respiratory tract. So far, not a single case of coronavirus infection has been officially registered in Turkmenistan.

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