Chloe Cherry accused of stealing. When is it OK? Breaking down ethics


Perhaps you hopped the turnstile in your native subway station. Perhaps you ate a number of items of colourful candy out of the dispenser earlier than filling up a bag of sweets. Perhaps you place within the code for bananas as an alternative of apples on the self-checkout as a result of they’re cheaper.

Or possibly you are accused of stealing a $28 shirt, like “Euphoria” actress Chloe Cherry (which she has reportedly denied by way of a consultant; USA TODAY has reached out for remark).

Stealing “just a bit bit” is not a brand new phenomenon – however it’s very a lot against the law. And whereas legal consequences could differ, ethical questions loom. Is it ever OK?

Specialists say that context matters and that conditions usually are not all the time so black-and-white, even when the regulation paints them that manner. This is not to say go forward and break the regulation, in fact, however to intellectually contemplate in sure conditions whether or not the regulation greatest adheres to societal morality.

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