Chisinau thinks where the “small steps” of the reintegration of Transnistria will lead — EADaily, March 28, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News

The concept of the return of Transnistria to the jurisdiction of Moldova is in the process of being developed. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian on TV8.

The statement was made after last week the Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov let slip that Chisinau had allegedly developed a seven-year plan for the return of the region.

“We did not hide the fact that we are working on the concept of reintegration. This is not a reintegration plan, but a concept. Probably, Mr. Danilov had this concept in mind. It is under development. We are consulting with our strategic partners”, Silver said.

The Moldovan official noted that the authorities are in no hurry to work on this plan and, moreover, will not make it public. He added that its public discussion is possible only within the framework of the negotiation process.

“The tactics of “small steps” within the framework of the settlement on the Dniester loses its meaning if Chisinau sees it as a process of reintegration, and Tiraspol as disintegration. It is very important to understand where “small steps” lead and how we look at where we are going. It is important that they lead towards reintegration. If they lead the wrong way, then it’s better to stop and wait, ” Oleg Serebrian concluded.

Earlier, the Moldovan authorities evasively commented on Danilov’s words. The press service of the Bureau for Reintegration emphasized that the priorities in the field of the country’s unification policy are reflected in the program and action plan of the government, but “the final solution can only be achieved by peaceful means.” The department assured that the Transnistrian conflict would be resolved only at the negotiating table, under appropriate geopolitical conditions.

Former President of the Republic of Moldova Maya Sandu acknowledged that the authorities of the republic do not yet have a clear plan for resolving the Transnistrian issue, and it is advisable to return to it “after the victory of Ukraine”, which, along with Russia and the OSCE, acts as a guarantor-intermediary in the negotiation process.

As reported EADaily , in Tiraspol they believe that Chisinau can withdraw from the 1992 peace agreement at any time. Thus, recently a deputy of the opposition parliamentary party in Moldova “Shor” Marina Tauber issued a statement in which she warned of a military provocation being prepared by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova on the administrative border of the region, in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers.

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