Chinese scientists find five new viruses in bats


A group of Chinese scientists in the body of bats found five new viruses that are similar in characteristics to the coronavirus and tend to be transmitted to humans. This is reported in the study data.

“We have identified five types of viruses in the body of bats,” RIA Novosti reports. They emphasized that the detected viruses are pathogenic and tend to be transmitted to humans. Among the five viruses, the most similar to COVID-19 is BtSY2, which has the ability to fix itself on human cells.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about the creation in the United States on the basis of Omicron of a new type of coronavirus strain with an 80% risk of mortality. Also, the head of the troops of radiation chemical and biological protection (RCBZ), Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, spoke about increasing the potential of the United States in the military biological sphere, reports RT.


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