Chinese newspaper explains why a dialogue of civilizations is necessary

The Global Civilization Initiative launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the forum of political parties is aimed at stabilizing the modern world. The Global Times writes about this in its editorial.

Through the efforts of American and Western politicians, the concept of “clash of civilizations” is returning to modern international relations. This seriously undermines global cooperation and interaction. Moreover, the threat of the spread of crisis phenomena is growing, the newspaper notes.

After the end of the Cold War, the world entered the era of globalization. However, this period was not without wars and conflicts. The surviving military blocs constantly drew dividing lines in international relations. One of the tragic consequences of this policy was the conflict in Ukraine, the article emphasizes.

In today’s world, tendencies to emphasize the “superiority” of one civilization over others have been preserved and are growing. The consequence of this is the restriction of the right of peoples to development and progress, the publication states.

In this situation, China offers its Initiative, which is to respect each other’s diversity, protect common values ​​for all and encourage exchanges between peoples. These principles should demonstrate that different nations can coexist peacefully, the material says.

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