Chinese military command not answering calls from the Pentagon – Politico


    The Chinese military does not react in any way to attempts by their American colleagues to contact them due to the escalation of tension over Taiwan.

    According to the edition Politicomilitary generals from the Pentagon made many attempts to contact the Chinese military leadership during the week, but in Beijing they simply do not answer calls.

    In particular, the calls of the Minister of Defense remain unanswered. Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Gen. Mark Milli.

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    According to the agency, the last time the Chinese and American military leaders got in touch with each other was on July 7.

    “Chinese military leaders have not returned multiple calls from their American counterparts this week,” – the article says.

    Recall that the situation around Taiwan escalated sharply after the island was visited by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives on August 2 Nancy Pelosi.

    The People’s Liberation Army of China began military exercises in the waters of the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait using long-range artillery.

    Live firing was carried out, and PRC Air Force planes invaded the airspace over Taiwan with the air defense forces on the island completely inactive.

    As reported EADaily, while China did not limit itself to a military demonstration alone. Bilateral US-China cooperation in a number of areas was suspended at the initiative of the Chinese side.

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