Chinese made drones carrying narcotics are flying over from across the border into Punjab and Jammu bsf said – India Hindi News


Chinese made goods are available in the Indian market and many people also use it. But the concern has increased after the sighting of Chinese-made drones on the Indian border. In fact, the Border Security Force has said that drones are being supplied indiscriminately on the Indian border through small drones made in China. BSF Director General, Pankaj Kumar Singh said on Tuesday that Chinese-made drones flying over the border in Punjab and Jammu region are supplying narcotics.

The DG said that in 95 percent of the cases, these drones have been found in Chinese. The BSF chief said at least 67 drones have been sighted this year near the border with Pakistan in western India. He said, “A small number of drones are entering our country right now… but most of them are drones made in China. They are very good and in 95 per cent of the cases they are being used to transport drugs.

DG Singh said, we have installed some anti-drone systems near the border. It’s all working well. But we are working more and more for better technology. These systems are being installed earlier at the necessary places on the border. He told, ‘There is no such system in the whole world so that we can de-activate, intercept them. We are in the process of acquiring anti-drone technology. All I can say is that getting anti-drone technology is our priority.

He said that the army is very serious about the drop of weapons or other items through drones on the border through Pakistan. He said that we are also in touch with the intelligence agency and the state police regarding this. The army keeps an eye on where the goods are being dropped and who is receiving it.



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