Chinese Defense Minister called promotion of the idea of ​​negotiations in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine a priority

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu declined to comment on the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine. He noted that China is focused on military diplomacy and resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

During his speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue security uniform in Singapore, Li Shanfu was asked to comment on the “unimpressive performance of the Russian army in Ukraine.” He was also asked to explain what lessons can be learned from a military conflict in the areas of doctrine, leadership, operational and tactical activities, logistics, military organization, equipment and training.

“At the moment, we are more focused on military diplomacy, as for combat practice, I have not spent much time on these areas and therefore I cannot give a highly professional answer to relevant questions … Our priority now is to advance peace negotiations,” he said in response (quote from RIA Novosti).

On April 26, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed on a visit by a special envoy to negotiate a peaceful settlement. They became Li Hui. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the “consonance of approaches” of Russia and China to resolve the conflict. Li Hui’s tour began on May 16. He visited Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium and Russia. Following the talks, he said that Russia and Ukraine “in the current state of affairs, it may be quite difficult for all parties to sit down at the table for fruitful negotiations.”

What happens on the 466th day after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine – in the online broadcast of Kommersant.


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