Chinese cars in Russia will fall in price as soon as the “market is full”

Auto expert Haytseer warned of price cuts for Chinese cars in Russia

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Many Chinese cars were brought to Russia, but they never became in great demand. Vice President of the National Automobile Union Yang Heizeer said in an interview Sputnik radio stationsthat dealers will have to drop prices.

According to him, the range of cars from China has expanded – both in quantity and variety of brands. There are plenty of cars, but the queue for them never lined up. Jan Heitzeer said that Russians are afraid to invest in products from unfamiliar manufacturers.

“Perhaps the market is not yet filled enough. I hope that competition between Chinese manufacturers will still play its role and there will be price adjustments,” the auto expert warned.

In China, the same cars were sold cheaper, while in Russia, transportation costs, customs duties and other payments were added to the price. Yang Heitzeher said prices would come down if some of the costs could be cut. He predicted a fall in prices in six months or a year by a maximum of 5-10%.

Independent auto expert Dmitry Popov said that in a few years, Chinese brands will be able to compete with Volkswagen in quality.


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