A Chinese textile company JNBY is facing protests in its own country due to hate speech against India on children’s clothing. This big Chinese brand has written hate and hateful things about India on the clothes of small children. In these things like shooting Indians to rags, and ‘Welcome to Hell’ have been written.

Following a complaint from a mother on Chinese social media, the company apologized and decided to remove these messages from clothing. A report in China’s state-run Global Times called these prints “inappropriate” and “creepy”, but refrained from mentioning anti-India images found on the clothing.

A woman named Mogu Mogu wrote on Chinese social media that her family bought a shirt for her 4-year-old son. He also shared a picture of a white shirt, which has a black print on it, which he understood recently, as the cloth was brought by the child’s grandfather, who does not know English.

According to a report by Hong-Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP), the woman said, “Welcome to hell. sorry? Who are you welcoming? And these pictures of torture…. A four year old kid would wear a shirt like this. I get upset even thinking of this.” After this post went viral, another user showed another anti-India picture. On which it was written, “The whole place is full of Indians, I will take up the gun and blow it all to rags.”

The company apologized on the lifestyle sharing app Xiahongshu, saying, “We apologize for the concerns expressed by customers, which are due to the design and will make the rules stricter.” The company did not say that. How are these words printed on clothes being removed?



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