Chinese analyst named the purpose of Biden’s visit to Poland

Chinese analyst named the purpose of Biden's visit to Poland

Joe Biden.
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The main task of the announced trip of the US President to Poland is not to allow the hostilities in Ukraine to stop. This point of view of experts leads edition of the Global Times.

The main point of Joe Biden’s visit to Eastern Europe is to silence pragmatic voices in favor of finding non-military options for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. Washington needs the Europeans to continue to oppose Russia, said Cui Heng, a scholar at the Center for Russian Studies at East China Normal University.

With this in mind, one should not count on a constructive reaction from Washington to the idea put forward by Moscow the day before about the possibility of a negotiation process without preconditions. The recent actions of the United States show that this scheme is unrealizable, the specialist emphasizes.

In many respects, all previous attempts by Moscow and Kyiv to come to an agreement in the bud were canceled out by the United States. As soon as there were signs of a compromise, Washington immediately intervened, which, by its actions, prevented contacts, reminds military analyst Song Zhongping.

If this time, too, Moscow’s demonstration of readiness for the negotiation process stumbles upon a wall of misunderstanding, then the Russian side will have no other means than military ones. In view of this, a more active offensive can be expected in the coming weeks or months, the political scientist suggested.

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