China’s special envoy to Ukraine called for a ceasefire with the preservation of new territories of the Russian Federation – Kommersant

Chinese representative Li Hui, who is in charge of the Ukrainian settlement, during a trip to Europe called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine with Russia retaining its new territories, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) referring to officials who spoke with Mr. Li.

During the talks, Li Hui “carried a clear signal” that the US and Europe should call for an immediate ceasefire with continued Russian control of territories in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, according to officials the WSJ spoke to. The publication does not provide exact quotes from its interlocutors.

Western officials told the publication that it is too early to dismiss China’s efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully. At the same time, they doubt that China can be an “honest broker” in any negotiations because of its proximity to Moscow. In their opinion, peace will not be possible until Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine.

“We explained that freezing the conflict is not in the interests of the international community until Russia withdraws its troops,” an unnamed diplomat who was present at the talks with Li Hui told the WSJ. According to him, during the negotiations, the Chinese envoy was informed that “it is impossible to separate Europe from America” and that Europe will not stop providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Another diplomat told the publication that the Chinese mission may be “testing the unity of the West and trying to show initiative.” According to another WSJ interlocutor, China’s main interest in the negotiations is to convince that Russia is not losing in the military conflict with Ukraine and is not going to use nuclear weapons.

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