China’s most formidable weapon revealed at the Academy of Military Sciences

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China is armed with hypersonic weapons, drones, microwave weapons, anti-satellite missiles, which cause serious concerns among Western countries. This URA.RU said the expert of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences Vadim Maslikov.

“China has advanced the most in the field of weapons. This, as in Russia, is hypersound. And the Americans, and the French, and the British are terribly afraid of hypersonic missiles, because in fact the entire ocean fleet, the entire group of ships accompanying their aircraft carriers, hypersonic missiles are capable of destroying. They are best known for the hypersonic glider WU-14. It differs from a rocket in that it is able to maneuver. Avoids all areas of damage quite successfully. Virtually invulnerable today. The glider poses the greatest threat. Its speed is 12.4 thousand km / h. The DF-17 hypersonic missile is the greatest Chinese pride,” said Vadim Maslikov.

He noted that China has a large range of drones. “From small to quite heavy. The drone that is their pride is the GJ-11 Sharp Sword. It has a payload of up to two tons. This is a stealth drone, that is, invisible again. The speed is great. The combat radius is as much as 1.5 thousand km, ”an expert from the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis said.

Anti-satellite missiles are no less dangerous for China’s opponents, the source added. “They recently tested them. They said that we see your (American – ed.) satellites and it doesn’t cost us anything to shoot them down. And that’s a big relief in modern warfare. If there weren’t such powerful intelligence that the Ukrainian army has, it would be much easier,” Maslikov explained.

One of the most interesting Chinese developments is microwave weapons. “They tested it on the Indian army. A real microwave weapon was aimed at people, and that’s it – people just ran away, unable to resist. Bloodlessly liberated the territory. No need for poisonous substances – microwave weapons do it all. Well, the equipment has parts that are vulnerable to microwave radiation – some microcircuits, wires, ”said the specialist.

According to him, one should not forget about modern cyber weapons, which China is seriously developing. “To sum up, they have equipment, both land and naval, aviation and missile. It is also interesting that there is a whole direction in development – cyber weapons. They are capable of doing some cyber attacks, network, system, quite successfully. The Chinese government annually allocates huge amounts of money for scientific research, including in the field of military-technical developments, ”the expert concluded.

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