China’s envoy did not call for recognition of Ukrainian territories as Russian – Kommersant

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Chinese Ambassador Li Hui, as part of his European tour, did not call for the recognition of Ukrainian territories as Russian. On the eve of this, citing sources, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to Dmitry Kuleba, after The Wall Street Journal material, he contacted his European colleagues who spoke with Li Hui, and none of them confirmed this information.

“None of them confirms that there were talks or talks about recognizing for Russia those territories where the Russian Federation is now located in Ukraine. I urge you to keep a cold mind, common sense, not to react emotionally to every publication. We control the process, no one will do anything against us behind Ukraine’s back,” Dmitry Kuleba wrote on Facebook (owned by Meta, banned and extremist).

As Dmitry Kuleba stressed, Ukraine will continue to engage in dialogue with China, but “it will be conducted in accordance with three basic principles.” Among them is mutual respect for territorial integrity.

Li Hui traveled to Ukraine last week and met with President Volodymyr Zelensky as part of a European tour. On May 26, The Wall Street Journal, citing European diplomats who spoke with Li Hui, reported that the Chinese ambassador had proposed calling Ukraine for an immediate ceasefire and recognizing Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia as Russian.

As part of the European tour, which began on May 16, Li Hui visited Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Belgium. At the end of the tour on May 26, he arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry for negotiations with the Russian side.

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