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China will protect its companies from US sanctions


China protests US sanctions against Chinese companies

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it would take all necessary measures to vigorously protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, the Xinhua news agency reported on Dec. 1.

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Such a statement was made after the US Federal Communications Commission introduced five Chinese enterprises to import and sell telecommunications equipment.

β€œThe American side has again resorted to an overly broad interpretation of the concept of national security and abused state power to exert malicious pressure on Chinese companies. Such actions by the United States will not only infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but will also have negative consequences for the interests of American enterprises and consumers, and will damage the international trade and economic order and trade rules. Such actions will not benefit either China and the United States, or the whole world. The United States should immediately correct its mistakes, stop politicizing trade and economic issues and use them as weapons, and treat enterprises of all countries with an open mind, including Chinese enterprises.the statement says.

Recall that the United States regularly imposes sanctions on Chinese companies, primarily those operating in the field of electronics, information technology and communications.


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