China will continue to work to resolve the Ukrainian crisis – Chinese Foreign Ministry

China will continue to build confidence and consensus on the Ukraine crisis with all stakeholders. This was announced on Monday by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, reports today, May 29, TASS.

As the agency reports, such a statement was made following the results of the international trip of the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui to Ukraine, the European Union and Russia.

“In the next phase, China <> will strengthen dialogue and interaction with all parties, and will constantly strengthen consensus and mutual trust. China will make its own contribution to the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis,” the diplomat said at the briefing.

She noted that Beijing intends to cooperate on the Ukrainian problem in accordance with the principles put forward by the Chinese President. Xi Jinpingamong which respect for sovereignty, respect for the UN Charter, taking into account the concerns of each of the parties and the use of peaceful methods to overcome the crisis.

“China will continue to play a constructive role for this,” Mao Ning added.

The spokeswoman stressed that all parties met by the PRC emissary during the trip “revealed extremely positively about China’s efforts to advance the peace process and facilitate negotiations.”

Lee Hui From May 15-26, he made a tour of Europe, during which he visited Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, the EU headquarters and Russia.

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