China will continue to seek peaceful reunification with Taiwan – Chinese Foreign Ministry

The Chinese authorities will continue to push for the peaceful reunification of the mainland with Taiwan. This was announced on Tuesday by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, reports today, March 7, TASS.

According to the agency, the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry made such a statement, speaking at a press conference during the annual sessions of the main deliberative and legislative bodies of the country, taking place this week in Beijing.

“We [жители материка и Тайваня] blood brothers. We will continue to make efforts for the peaceful reunification of the motherland, to show the best possible goodwill for this,” he stressed,

The minister clarified that the United States must understand that the Taiwan issue is at the core of China-US relations. He also noted that members of the Chinese public often openly express bewilderment, asking the question:

“Why does Washington talk about the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and at the same time show a disrespectful stance on Taiwan?”

According to Qin Gang, the real threat to the peaceful and stable development of Taipei is Taiwanese separatists.

“If the Taiwan issue is not properly resolved, relations between China and the United States will be shaken,” he concluded.

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