China to tighten labeling rules for Taiwanese products – Bloomberg


    Bloomberg: China to Tighten Taiwan Product Labeling Rules After Pelosi’s Visit

    The Chinese authorities intend to tighten the rules for labeling products from Taiwan. As reported Bloomberg agencyThe move is planned in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

    From the agency’s material, it follows that products that are labeled as made in the “Republic of China” (the official name of Taiwan – ed. note) will not be allowed into the mainland China market.

    China’s labeling rules for Taiwanese goods were first announced in 2015, according to one of the agency’s interlocutors. But, according to him, they were not strictly observed until recent events.

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    Now the PRC customs has the right to confiscate the goods if they do not comply with the marking rules. Indeed, over the past week, the number of complaints from Taiwanese companies has increased due to labeling problems when trying to import products into China, the Taiwan Ministry of Economics said. Thus far, there have been no cases of confiscation of goods.

    The United States must immediately repair the damage caused by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to relations between the two countries. This statement was made by the Ambassador of China Qin Gan. Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, among other things, “seriously undermined” stability in Asia, the diplomat said.

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