Home News China to quadruple its nuclear capability in 10 years: Pentagon

China to quadruple its nuclear capability in 10 years: Pentagon


China over the next ten years is able to increase its nuclear arsenal up to four times. This forecast was voiced by US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole, reports today, June 15, TASS.

China is now in the midst of a stunning expansion of its nuclear arsenal, he said. And in the coming years will increase its size by 3-4 times.

“The prospect of standing face to face [одновременно] with two nuclear powers – equal in quantity and quality – would become a new phenomenon. We are not currently facing this, but somewhere in the 2030s, this may be the case,” Kol said, referring to Russia and China.

He noted that the United States continues to view its own nuclear weapons primarily as a means of deterrence.

“The fundamental role of our nuclear weapons is to deter other countries from using their nuclear weapons. And this remains the fundamental goal of nuclear weapons. As long as nuclear weapons exist, you will want the threshold for their use to be as high as possible,” Kol concluded.

According to the Pentagon’s report on China’s military power, released in November 2021, Beijing is able to increase the size of its nuclear arsenal to at least 1,000 warheads by 2030. A year earlier, a similar document submitted by the US military noted that the size of China’s nuclear arsenal, estimated at that time at 200-odd units, would at least double over the next decade.


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