China to continue exercises off the coast of Taiwan

    The grand opening of the joint military anti-terrorist command and staff exercise of the armed forces of the SCO member states

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    Escalation of conflict between China and Taiwan

    The People’s Liberation Army of China will conduct military exercises near the island of Taiwan from August 6 to 15 in the southern part of the Yellow Sea. The corresponding statement was made by the country’s Maritime Security Administration.

    It follows from the message that the exercises with live firing will last from 08.00 local time (03.00 Moscow time) on Saturday until 18.00 (13.00 Moscow time) on August 15, RIA Novosti reports. Vessels are prohibited from entering the areas indicated on the website for the duration of the exercise.

    Earlier, China protested due to the visit of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the island of Taiwan, which the Chinese authorities consider their historical territory. The Chinese army has begun large-scale military exercises in six areas around the island. Taiwan, in response to the PRC military exercises, deployed patrol forces and aerial reconnaissance ships, as well as put coastal missiles on alert and fired warning salvos.

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