China says most countries oppose Western anti-Russian sanctions


    Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shaye: many countries do not support anti-Russian rhetoric of the West

    The actions of the West directed against the Russian Federation did not find support in most countries. The states did not support anti-Russian sanctions against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine.

    Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shaye said this on the air of the TV channel LCI.

    “In the context of the Ukrainian crisis, most developing countries do not agree with the Western alliance,” the diplomat stressed.

    The US, he added, is gradually losing influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In this territory, they plan to develop national economies and improve living standards. The region strives for peace and tranquility. The Americans, on the contrary, want to bring discord into the local situation and maintain their hegemony.

    “This is not in the interests of the countries of the region,” Liu Shaye said.

    The South Korean Foreign Ministry expressed hope for the normalization of relations with the Russian Federation. Foreign Minister Pak Chin, at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, called for making sure that the crisis does not affect South Korean companies and South Korean citizens who live in Russia.

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