Several government documents and conversations with about 30 people have shown that the Chinese government is trying to reduce the population of Uygar Muslims in its Muslim-majority province.

To prevent the Muslim population from growing in , the communist government there is forcibly aborting and sterilizing Muslim women. Not only this, the Chinese government is also encouraging their Han community to have more children to increase their population.

Let me tell you that earlier many Muslim women of China had made such allegations, but now a report by news agency AP has revealed that this is happening on a large scale and systematically in China.

The report reveals that several government documents and interactions with about 30 people have revealed that the Chinese government is attempting to reduce the population of Uygar Muslims in its Muslim-majority Xinjiang province.

Those who were talked to include people living in detention centers, relatives of people living in detention and former instructors of detention centers.

It is learned that the Chinese government has been working on this plan for the last four years. Experts are calling this Chinese action a ‘geographical massacre’. It monitors the pregnancy of minority women living in China and has so far forced forced abortions or sterilization of thousands of minority women. Although it has happened all over China, especially women from Xinjiang province have been targeted.

Explain that China’s Xinjiang province is a Muslim-majority state. Where there are reports of China exploiting the Muslim population. In Xinjiang province, China has kept millions of Muslim population in the detention centers. There are reports that people who have more children are also kept in detention centers. Along with this, strong fines are also collected from people with more children.


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