China is ready to uphold the right of all countries to modernize – Chinese Foreign Ministry

China is ready to uphold the right of all countries to carry out modernization and opposes the erection of walls and barriers. This was announced on Friday, speaking at the opening of the Lanting Forum in Shanghai, by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, TASS reports today, April 21.

“We will stand up more strongly for the right of all countries to development. Modernization is the inalienable right of every country, not the monopoly and exclusive privilege of a few countries. You cannot cross the river and dismantle bridges just because you have reached the other side of modernization, and create obstacles for other countries to achieve modernization, not to mention suppression, containment and blocking, because other countries are following other paths of modernization,” – he said.

Qin Gang pointed out that China does not engage in rivalry with the great powers.

“What we strongly defend are our own development interests and the Chinese people’s right to aspire to a better life. China respects the path of modernization chosen by the peoples of all countries, independently of each other, opposes creating ideological confrontations, engaging in a new cold war, interfering in internal affairs and imposing on others,” the minister said.

China, he said, supports the right direction of globalization, opposes building walls and barriers, disconnecting and breaking chains, and opposes unilateral sanctions and strong pressure.

“China is making every effort to maintain the stability and continuity of production and supply chains so that economic globalization and the modernization of various countries can complement each other,” – added the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The Lanting Forum, established on December 1, 2010 and hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a platform for discussing international and regional issues, as well as China’s foreign policy. Representatives of government and expert circles take part in it. The forum is being held in Shanghai for the first time.

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