China is preparing a military scenario for reunification with Taiwan – Kommersant

China would prefer a peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but it is also preparing a military scenario, says US National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes. According to her, Beijing’s plans will have an impact on the development of further steps. She raised this topic at a hearing before the US Senate Armed Services Committee.

“The reality is that he (China.— “b”) instructed his military to provide him with a military option in order to, in fact, be able to take him (Taiwan.— “b”) without concern about our interference,” Ms. Haynes is convinced (quoted by TASS).

The Pentagon Director of Intelligence, Army Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, who attended the meeting, shared the same view. “The bottom line is, he (Chinese leader Xi Jinping.— “b”) told his military to be ready. Why and when – we are not sure,” he said.

China considers Taiwan its own territory and has regularly held major exercises near the island in recent months. Against this background, Taiwan signed a contract in April to purchase 400 Harpoon anti-ship missiles from the American company Boeing to repel a possible Chinese attack.

About the tension in the region – in the material “Kommersant” “One Taiwan can be entered twice.”

Laura Keffer


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