China draws ‘red line’ for US in South China Sea

In the event of an illegal appearance of US military aircraft over the South China Sea, there will be adverse consequences for the US. This was announced on Wednesday by the official representative of the Southern Zone of the Combat Command of the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China (PLA) Zhang Nandong, reports today, May 31, TASS.

“We strongly urge the American side to refrain from any action by the armed forces at sea and in airspace. Otherwise, the United States will bear the consequences.” – he said.

This is how a Chinese military spokesman commented on the appearance of a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea.

According to him, Washington should “prevent the emergence of emergency situations” in the region. Zhang Nandong compared the recent statement by the US Indo-Pacific Command regarding the incident to “an attempt by a perpetrator to sue the victim in order to avoid trial himself.”

“The United States must strictly abide by international law and relevant agreements. The Southern Combat Command Zone will firmly protect China’s national sovereignty and security, peace and stability in the South China Sea.” – added the representative of the PLA.

On Tuesday, the US Indo-Pacific Command said “an aggressive maneuver by a Chinese J-16 (Jian-16) fighter” against a US RC-135 over the South China Sea. According to the American side, on May 26, a United States reconnaissance aircraft carried out “regular safe operations” there.

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