China does not have an instant response, the reaction will be long-term and measured


    China’s reaction to US actions around the situation with Taiwan will not be as everyone expected to see, instantaneous and harsh, but rather long-term and strategic, as the Chinese are used to. About this in a conversation with the radio “TVNZ” said political scientist Sergei Mikheev.

    “China’s reaction will be, but it will be long-term and more strategic than tactical. The Chinese have both minuses and pluses in this sense. Their whole philosophy is tied to this mythical commander Lao Tzu, who says that the best war is that , which you did not start, but you took it and won, “- he said.

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    According to Mikheev, there are no serious large-scale military successes in Chinese history, especially external ones. The Celestial Empire basically either repelled aggression, or was engaged in disassembly within the country.

    “A plus [у Китая] there is no such tradition of instant reaction. You can consider this endurance, you can consider it cowardice and slowness. But I think it’s just Chinese specifics.” emphasized the political scientist.

    However, the reaction to Washington’s actions will still follow, Mikheev believes, it will simply be “stretched out in time.” At the same time, these consequences will play into the hands of Russia, the expert added, since trust between China and the United States has been undermined.


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