China decided to rally with other countries to fight the US

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    Escalation of conflict between China and Taiwan

    The world community needs to join forces in order to resist the pressure of the United States and prevent their interference in the domestic politics of other states. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, speaking to reporters in Phnom Penh.

    “If we do not pay attention to interference [США] into our domestic politics, this world will return to the laws of the jungle, and Washington will become even more unscrupulous in using force to suppress other countries. We cannot allow the United States to take such steps again. All countries of the world must unite and prevent this, ”the minister is quoted on the website of the Chinese department.

    The Foreign Minister noted that the recent visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan demonstrated the disdainful attitude of the US authorities towards the sovereignty of other countries. “The United States is grossly violating its obligations by seriously undermining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait,” he explained.

    According to Wang Yi, China’s exercises near Taiwan “take into account both national legislation and international legal norms.” “We will firmly uphold the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, and in no case will we allow the United States to manipulate Taipei to contain China,” the minister concluded.

    Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2. According to her, the purpose of the trip was to demonstrate support for the authorities of the“. In response, Beijing included both the politician herself and her relatives on the sanctions list. In addition, the Chinese authorities decided to break relations with the United States in the field of justice, the fight against international crime and illegal migration, since the PRC does not recognize the independence of the island.

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