China Daily: Kyiv will have to pay off the United States when it does all the “dirty work”

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Ukraine will have to pay for US military aid when Kyiv reaches the goals announced by the administration of President Joe Biden. This was reported by the Chinese edition of China Daily.

“The United States is hinting that the volume of their assistance was estimated in advance. Kyiv will have to pay for help when it does all the “dirty work”, when Kyiv reaches the opaque goals of the Biden administration. edition.

The authors of China Daily emphasize that the United States has “abandoned too many goals” in Ukraine, without disclosing the criteria for achieving them. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how long the conflict will last and how long Washington will provide support.

Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine in order to protect the civilian population of Donbass. The United States and other Western countries are actively providing financial support to Kyiv, as well as sponsoring the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons. On March 3, Washington provided Ukraine with another $400 million military aid package. At the same time, the United States admitted that Kyiv is losing to Russia on the battlefield, despite the support of the West, writes MK.RU.


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