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China calls allegations of Mumbai power cuts irresponsible, says – we cybersecurity defender

A clarification has been given by the Chinese Embassy about the conspiracy of Chinese hackers over the power grid fed in Mumbai last October. China has described itself as anti-cyber attack, calling these allegations irresponsible. China is a defender of cyber security, China opposes all kinds of cyber attacks. There is no role of speculation on the issue of cyber attack. It is irresponsible to accuse anyone without proof.

In a recent study, a US company has claimed that during the ongoing tension between India and China, a group of hackers belonging to the Chinese government targeted India’s PowerGrid system through “Malware”. It is feared that last year, this was probably the main reason behind the stagnation of power supply in Mumbai on a large scale. In the US, Massachusetts company ‘Recorded Future’ has mentioned in its recent report that China’s group ‘Red Echo’ is targeting the Indian energy sector.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Monday dismissed criticism about China’s involvement in the hacking of India’s power grid, saying it was irresponsible and irresponsible to make allegations without evidence.

Significantly, on October 12 last year, electricity went down due to a grid collapse in Mumbai. Due to this, trains also stopped on the way and due to the epidemic, the work of the people working from home was also affected and the economic activities were heavily affected. It took two hours to restore power supply for essential services. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Before the publication of the report related to online burglary, ‘Recorded Future’ made the relevant departments of the Government of India aware of this. There was no response from the Government of India on the study of the American company. The New York Times said in a news that this revelation has raised the question that somewhere behind the power grid in Mumbai, Beijing did not want to give a message about what could happen if India continued aggressive behavior along the border.

The Recorded Future report also alleged that India-sponsored group ‘Sidewinder’ allegedly targeted the Chinese military and government installations in 2020.

This report of the company has come at a time when the army of China and India are withdrawing their troops from the deadlocked places in East Ladakh. (Including language input)

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