China and Russia refuse to discuss North Korean missile launches at the UN Security Council

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China and Russia oppose the US-suggested UN Security Council discussion of North Korea’s recent missile launches.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, Reuters.

It is noted that the United States officially proposed to convene the UN Security Council on Wednesday because of North Korea’s ballistic tests. This request was supported by the UK, France, Albania, Norway and Ireland.

“However, China and Russia told their Security Council colleagues that they oppose public discussion, referring to the fact that the reaction of the Security Council should help to alleviate the situation on the Korean Peninsula,” the material says.

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It is not yet clear in what format members of the Security Council will discuss the actions of the DPRK.

“It is unlikely that the Security Council will take any significant steps,” Reuters said, citing diplomats.

Recall: US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida “in the strongest terms” condemned the test of North Korea. The European Union called it “a reckless and deliberately provocative act” and UN Secretary General António Guterres condemned the launch and said it was a violation of Security Council resolutions.

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It was the first North Korean missile to follow a trajectory over Japan since 2017, and its estimated flight of 4,600 km (2,850 miles) was the longest for a North Korean test, which is usually “lifted” into space to avoid flying over neighboring countries.

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